What is SpEAC?

SpEAC (Special Education Advocacy Council) is a parent advisory group whose goal is to work toward the understanding of, respect for and appropriate education of all children with special needs in our community.  We are an off-board committee of the Moorestown Home and School Association.  Officially recognized by the Moorestown Board of Education, SPEAC serves as the designated parent advisory group to satisfy the state requirement for parent participation in Special Education.

What does SpEAC do?

We provide a network of support for parents; we collaborate with administration and teachers to improve special education programs; and we work to promote an atmosphere of open communication, understanding, and mutual respect among all students, parents, and the community at large.  We do this by holding monthly meetings to discuss issues that affect our students, sponsoring seminars on educational issues, sponsoring a yearly educational conference at the UES, and holding networking meetings, to keep parents in touch and informed about the goings on in our district.

Who should come to SpEAC meetings?

Anyone with a student or students in the Moorestown school district with different learning needs; be they academic, physical, emotional, or behavioral; anyone eligible for or receiving special services under an IEP or 504 plan; anyone needing support or looking for ways to make their child’s school experience as successful as it can be.  SpEAC is made up of a group of diverse parents with children of all ages, who have a wealth of knowledge and experience about the school system and local resources.

When does SpEAC meet?

SpEAC monthly, usually on Thursday mornings. We also have evening programs scheduled from time to time throughout the year.  Our meeting dates are listed on the Home & School calendar, are on our website, and reminders are sent to our email list.

I can’t get to many meetings.  How can I get involved?

First, make sure we have your email address to keep you up to date on the latest SpEAC events.  Our website, is a teriffic resource.  Our contact information is listed there, as well as helpful info about our district, useful websites, and more.  Contact us any time.  We need your input and want to hear your voice!